What I do

Nourishing Bodies, Supporting Parents:

I help support parents meet their lactation and baby feeding goals.

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At the core of who I am

I am passionate about supporting you on your breastfeeding journey including prenatal education to set the groundwork for a successful journey and helping you start offering solids to your baby utilizing Baby Led Weaning principles. These two things are essential for a great feeding foundation.

Hi, I’m Beth!

Lactation consultant. MAMA.
baby led weaning expert.
registered dietitian.

From working as a Hy-Vee and Long-Term Care Dietitian to a WIC Dietitian working with children and lactation care, I have more than a half a decade’s worth of experience in the health world.

I take a non-diet, weight-inclusive and functional/holistic approach to nutrition, health and lactation care, meaning I believe all foods fit, all bodies are good bodies, and people need nourishment on all levels.

Baby Led Weaning & Lactation:

These little clients & their parents hold a special place in my heart because this is where the eating relationship begins. Let’s set our babies up for positive health outcomes starting with a peaceful relationship with food!



We have a special program that helps parents like you when it’s time to give your baby solid foods between 6 and 12 months old.


Nutrition Therapy

I specialize in Lactation, Baby Led Weaning, Intuitive Eating & Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


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Discover our invaluable free resources for Baby-Led Weaning, Lactation & Intuitive Eating packed with expert guidance and practice tips.

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Explore our posts where I navigate the journey of offering solids to your baby, provide lactation support, and guide individuals towards intuitive eating, fostering a nourishing foundation for lifelong nourishment and satisfaction.


100 First Foods for Baby Led Weaning

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