Etsy Printables Gold City Ventures Course Review

what is an etsy printable?

Etsy Printables are digital products that you (or someone else) creates using a program or a platform such as Canva, Photoshop, PicMonkey, Corjil, Templett, etc. You can also use word, paint, or other programs you may be more familiar with. There are paid and unpaid versions of these programs.

Etsy Printables Course Review

(I have just recently learned about Corjil from the VIP Etsy Printables Facebook Group and I’m excited to try it out – more on this later :))

Etsy Printables Side Hustle Course - Thanksgiving Printable
Thanksgiving First Birthday Party Printable Invitation

Examples of printables include:

Etsy Printables Course - Examples of Digital Products
  • birthday or wedding invitations,
  • baby shower invitations,
  • debt trackers,
  • habit trackers,
  • budget templates,
  • birthday or thank you cards,
  • breastfeeding pump sign,
  • you name it, you can probably find it.

Once you create your product and listing images (which the course tells you exactly how to do), you can open up your Etsy shop.

My shop is Liquid Gold Baby. Inspired by my little one and our breastfeeding journey, I started out selling a breastfeeding help guide. Then after listening to a few people who do birthday invitations, I thought, my son’s 1st birthday is coming up! Why don’t I try to make a birthday invitation for him and post it in my shop. So that is what I did! And then, the Wild One 1st Birthday Invitation was born!

Printable Invitation
Wild One 1st Birthday Party Printable Invitation

I’m telling you all of this just to give you a TASTE of the GREATNESS that is included in the course.

Why you should take the etsy printables side hustle course

I never knew the value I would receive out of purchasing the Etsy Printables course. I was skeptical about purchasing the course at first because I’m NOT a crafty or design friendly individual. However, I really wanted to start a side hustle where I could earn PASSIVE INCOME.

Grow your Etsy Side Hustle Business with this course

I’m also an avid listener of the FIREdrill podcast and Julie’s content is always so great. She promised that you did not have to be design savvy to create Etsy Printables. I’m happy to say I believed her!

Taking the Etsy Printables Course has given me the tools, support (don’t we all need some support to keep us motivated!), skills, and motivation necessary to create QUALITY PRINTABLES.

What I’m most excited about right now is that I know how to create printables that I can use in my PERSONAL LIFE and BUSINESS as well as for retail sale. I no longer have to pay someone else to create these things for me! To me, that is worth a ton of value in itself.

I find it fun and almost relaxing now to get on Canva and perfect a design I’m creating for my son’s birthday, a friends birthday, or Thanksgiving dinner! Before, the thought of “designing” something was scary to me.

A design I made using Canva for decoration at my son’s birthday party.
Etsy Printables Course - My shops logo
Banner I made for my Etsy Printables Shop!

More Benefits of the Etsy printables course

The modules contain content that include VIDEO & TEXT for learning.

This is important to me being a visual learner. Everyone learns different, however, I’m hands on so for me, video is a necessity.

As well as, the video usually contains different or additional information than what is in the text. I would advise reading and viewing both.

Etsy Printables Side Hustle Course Review

Optional (but in my opinion NECESSARY) VIP Etsy Printables Facebook Group

Etsy Printables VIP Facebook Group - Course Review

I am currently locked in at a $29/month fee to be a member of the VIP Facebook Group. Cody and Julie do weekly FB lives in this group every week where they feature some extra content exclusive to the group and do two giveaways. One giveaway that the whole group is entered in and one for the challenge of the week (need motivation anyone).

I won once for completing the weekly challenge and won a subscription to eRank Pro! A tool that gives insight into how I can optimize my shop and my listings for search. It can also be used to look at seasonal trends and for future design planning. eRank Pro is a paid too, however, you can use the free tool to help optimize your shop as well.

eRank Pro example
eRank Pro example

The VIP Facebook group is also awesome because you can drop a question in there anytime and usually it will get answered pretty quickly by other group members or the two professionals in the group that have Etsy experience.

LIFETIME access to the course with access to updates!

This course is a go at your own pace. You can take 1 month or 2 years to go through the content. Any time the course creators add an update to the content or add new content, you have access to it!

While I’ve been a member of the Etsy Printables Course, Etsy promoted listings changed to Etsy Ads. Cody and Julie added an update to the content for that. They also added 20+ videos and lessons about Corgil, Templett, fonts, and add on videos to making listing images that I have yet to watch ;).

The point is, where they see a need, Cody and Julie will discuss it in the VIP Facebook group or eventually add it to the course content.

Optional Accountability Buddy

Cody and Julie give you the option to sign up and pair you with an accountability buddy. The goal of the accountability buddy is to keep you moving forward and to help you answer questions quickly. While I personally haven’t taken advantage of the accountability buddy system, I think it is a good option if you need motivation.

Bonus Sections in the Etsy Printables Course

The course includes two bonus sections.

The first bonus section features additional resources such as a design cheat sheet and a 17 page Ultimate Pinterest Planner from Kate Ahl to help you with your Pinterest marketing game!

The second bonus section features out of the box ways to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Printables Course Downfalls

While I think the course is all rainbows and unicorns, it does have some pitfalls.

The VIP Facebook Group isn’t mandatory, however, I do think it is essential to your success in building and growing your Etsy shop. I’ve had questions after going through the course content (about little technical things like white space and crop and bleeding) that I just asked about in the group to get an answer quickly.

If you want to save yourself time and leg work (googling), the group is a necessity. For me, the value it provides is totally worth it (and you can deduct it on your taxes for a membership), however, this might be something for you to take into consideration for the cost.

My etsy pritnables Results thus far

I’ve successfully opened my shop and had my first outside sale! What I mean by outside sale is that someone outside of the VIP Facebook group purchased one of my products. We have this thread in the VIP Facebook Group called a review swap where we can purchase other members of the group’s products and leave a review on their product! It’s also a great way to receive positive feedback on your listing.

I learned a few things from my first purchase:

  • Try to make your listing as passive as possible. Meaning the less you have to customize on your listing, the better. It took me a lot longer than I had planned to customize the invitation printable I made, at least a half hour, not really worth the $5.50 I sold the printable for. But I learned something about my business.
  • If you are going to offer customization, give yourself some time! I promised 24 hours until I had that first sale, then I extended that to 48 hours.
  • Don’t give up! Experiment and if that doesn’t work, try something different.

I have 5 total listings in my shop and one of them is a Wild One Birthday Bundle which I’m super proud of. Bundles are another awesome seller that you will learn about in the Etsy Printables Course.

Call to action

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go sign up for the ETSY PRINTABLES COURSE and create a side hustle that makes money for you in your sleep!


For anyone who signs up for the course using one of my links, you will get a special freebie!

If you want to learn more about my personal journey and how I aim to help you all, start here!

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