7 Best Personal Finance Podcasts of 2020


My journey with personal finance podcasts began while I was travelling for my dietetic internship. I’m always trying to find ways to multi-task. I like being productive ALL THE TIME. And I love learning. So if I’m learning while I’m driving, I’m killing like 3 birds with one stone! Its a win win.

And best of all??? Podcasts are FREE 99.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Typically available as a series or new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically through an app.

What is a personal finance podcast?

How do i find podcasts and listen to them on my device?

If you have an iPhone, there is a little purple app that says Podcast underneath it. (I didn’t know it was there until 3 years ago either).

You can use the Stitcher or Spotify app if you have Android.

Use iTunes if you want to listen from your computer.

This is an in depth article of how to listen on all platforms.

My favorite Personal Finance Podcast Shows

personal finance podcasts favorites

(1) The Money Nerds with Whitney Hansen

This is the first personal finance podcast that I was referred to. I love it because Whitney always has entertaining guests. Her guests have real life stories of how they dug their way out of debt and are now living a life they love building their businesses or achieving financial independence.

Listening to Whitney is what whipped me into shape and made me create my 1st budget.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. Getting Financially Naked With Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial
  2. How To Deal with Massive Student Debt | Travis Hornsby
  3. Roth Conversion Ladders and Accessing Retirement Money Early | Brandon Renfro
  4. Starting an Etsy Shop that brings in $1,000/month of Passive Income | Kevin Jones
  5. Crushing $40K of Debt in 2 Years + Building a Six Figure Biz | Eric Rosenberg

She also has a 5 tip Friday series that I LOVE because it gives quick, actionable tips to help you declutter and improve your life in general.

Be sure to look back in the archives, there are GREAT episodes beyond what the iPhone Podcast app allows you to see.

(2) FIRE Drill with Julie from Millennial Boss

I happened to find the Fire Drill Podcast from listening to The Money Nerds Podcast!

When I started listening, it was the Gwen and J show. They have quite a few guests on that have side hustle stories and inspiration. The drive to start my blog definitely came from this podcast!

As well as, after listening to the podcast for so long and knowing the value of the content the creators put out, as soon as Julie launched her Blogging for Profit Side Hustle Course, I was already sold!

They are sadly not offering the Blogging For Profit course at this time but they are offering The Etsy Printables Side Hustle Course. Which I took and LOVED and have a course review here.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. How Randa built a food blog for passive income and the gift of travel – The Bewitchin’ Kitchen
  2. Paula Pant of Afford Anything on thinking big, family & how she would achieve financial independence if she had to start over today
  3. Breaking Free | Bill from Wealth Well Done
  4. Building an ecommerce business on Ebay and Amazon while Sailing | Elin Rose of Sailopreneur
  5. How Laura Turned her Passion for Printables into a Thriving Online Business – I Heart Planner

(3) The FI Show with Cody and Justin

I learned about the FI Show personal finance podcast through the Blogging for Profit group I was in on Facebook.

This is another show where Cody and Justin have on guests that have had success paying off debt, building up businesses, and becoming financially independent.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. Regenerative Agriculture Meets Personal Finance | Eddy Garcia & Sam Schiebold
  2. Long Distance Real Estate Investing | Emil Shour from Roofstock
  3. Working Smarter and Scaling Your Income | Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook
  4. How to Find the Right Side Hustle | Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation
  5. Earning Over $350K on Fiverr (per year) | Alex Fasulo
  6. The Best Flippin’ Path to FI | Rob & Melissa from Flea Market Flipper
7 Best personal finance podcasts of 2020
I owe all of my determination and side hustle success to these podcasts! They have kept me sane the past few years while travelling for work.

(4) Journey to Launch Podcast with Jamila Souffrant

Jamila’s podcast is wonderful featuring diverse guests with varying backgrounds and cultures. She covers many topics including: family and children, budgeting, investing, guests who’ve reached FI (Financial Independence), making money online, and minimalism!

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. The Millennial Path To Financial Independence with Gwen & J From The Fire Drill Podcast
  2. Affordable Real Estate Investing | Lisa Phillips
  3. Coronavirus, The Market Decline & The Impact on Your Money (& What To Do About It)
  4. Your Guide to Becoming a Minimalist & Simplifying Your Life | Joshua Becker
  5. How To Quit Like a Millionaire So You Can Stop Working & Start Living | Kristy & Bryce

(5) Marriage, Kids, & Money with Andy HIll

Andy’s personal finance podcast is a favorite of mine because he always has tips for teaching his kids about money. This is something that is super important to me as a mom of a toddler.

I want to start teaching him early about money. I want him to respect money and use it as a tool to be successful in life rather than something than something that governs him.

Marriage, Kids, and Money also features guests that discuss how they overcame budgeting issues with their partner/spouse. Also useful if you’re having trouble getting your spouse on board with your financial goals.

Andy and his wife have increased their net worth by $900k in 9 years. The podcast also features content on topics surrounding investing, financial freedom, and even why Multi-Level Marketing is maybe not a good way to go as far as increasing your income.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. How Being Honest in my Marriage Helped us Pay Off $61,000 of Debt | Michael Lacy
  2. 3 Real Estate Investing Strategies for Minimalists
  3. Why Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a Bad Side Hustle | Melissa Bevins
  4. 14 Profitable Side Hustles Parents Can Do From Home
  5. How Living on 50% of Our Income Helped Us Reach Financial Freedom | Kelly Smith

(6) The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper

This personal finance podcast is ALL about helping you find a side hustle. Remember, sides hustles are a way to increase your income? or help you start investing or quit your day job, etc., etc.

Before I found this show, I was already trying like 4 different side hustles and now I have a zillion more pretty attractive ideas. Most of them are WORK FROM HOME opportunities too. Build that Laptop Empire!

Nick also has The Side Hustle Nation Facebook Group if you want to join for FREE and connect with other individuals trying to find their side hustle.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:

  1. Trading Stocks: Can You Really Make $1000 a Day From Home? | Teri Ijeoma
  2. How to Become a Bookkeeper and Make $70 an Hour from Home | Kate Johnson
  3. LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn | Helen Pritchard
  4. How to Get Freelance Clients on YouTube: The Surprising 6-Figure Strategy | Joshua Lisec
  5. Taking Local Businesses Online: $500k in Sales in Year 1 | Dustin Reichmann

(7) Laptop Empires with Mike Yanda & Bobby Hoyt

The Laptop Empires Podcast has more content surrounding building your side hustle business and side hustle ideas. I found this podcast after purchasing, The Facebook Side Hustle Course in March. Mike and Bobby specialize in Facebook Ads, helping bloggers grow their blog, building businesses by creating agencies.

I love this show because many times it is just Mike and Bobby telling us what they know and have experienced real-life! That is some of the most valuable information.

My Top 5 Fave Episodes:


There are MANY other personal finance podcasts out there. These are just the ones I’ve listened to most and have the most experience with. Another one I just started listening to is Paula Pant’s, Afford Anything Podcast.

Listen to these personal finance podcasts in 2020!

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