Meet Beth

She’s a mom of 3 boys and Registered Dietitian passionate about helping other parents navigate the journey of offering solids to their baby and guiding individuals towards intuitive eating, to foster a healthy foundation for lifelong nourishment and well-being.

meet Beth

Nourishing Mamas & Their Babies

Most of Beth’s time is taken up by caring for her 3, energetic boys. However, her other passion in life is eliminating disordered eating and it all begins with a newborn. That is why we love nurturing breastfeeding relationships, helping parents offer solids to their babies and creating a feeding framework for your toddler that will give them the tools they need to have a positive lifelong relationship with food.

Beth is from the Midwest, she originally lived in Iowa and then moved across the river to Illinois shortly after meeting her husband. She has been a Registered Dietitian since 2018 and Certified Lactation Counselor working with WIC families since 2019. She obtained her IBCLC credential in 2023 and is now practicing as a Lactation Consultant. I was given the blessing to be able to breastfeed all of my boys (including tandem feeding the twins) until 2 and beyond.

My passion for helping parents introduce solids to their babies came from my own struggles with eating and realizing how young our relationship with food forms (whether that is positive or negative). Let me help support you so you don’t have to feel alone and do this all by yourself like I did in the beginning!

Nourish On 🖤

I love what your doing by not just teaching how to start solids! It’s bigger than that, its about teaching lifelong relationship with food